A photo of James

James Please

Hi, I’m James. I work at Netflix as a Creative Technologist.

My interests include creating games, design, personal finance, physics, mathematics, philosophy, cooking, illustration, and napping.

Creative Technology

I’ve contributed to products as a JavaScript engineer, a product designer, and roles in between. As an engineer, I’m most impactful when building interfaces in the browser. As a designer, my strengths are interaction design and information architecture.

Personal Finance

Talking about money can be intimidating, but I believe everyone can find value in learning about personal finance.

Lately, a hobby of mine has been building applications that help people find answers to questions about money.


Philosophy gets a bad rap for being impractical. Ironically, I attribute much of the success of my career to the reading, writing, and thinking skills I honed through studying philosophy.

The subjects of philosophy that I'm most drawn to are philosophy of science and epistemology.